Winter is Coming (Minnesota) T-shirt



Jon looked up and spun all the way around, awed by the giant buildings surrounding him. Many of them were as tall as the wall. Everything was hard and cold, no grass in sight. He was passed on all sides by people hurriedly bustling past. They were wearing funny clothing, breeches and shirts in colors only kings could afford. John looked down at his own bulky black shirt and trousers and felt even more out of place.

Dodging out of the way of a wagon with no horses he looked up and saw a sign that read “Minneapolis, Minnesota.” He had never heard of this strange place in any of his studies or travels. But one thing he could tell, looking at the scattered trees and feeling the chill in the air, and the snow in the clouds. Even in this odd place he could tell: Winter is Coming.

Winter is Coming MN Shirt, printed on Gildan 4.3 oz, Steel Blue or Dark Gray crew neck t-shirts.