Drink Local-Minnesota Beer T-shirt



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“I’ve been to that one, and that one, and that one…”

Marvin waited patiently as the slightly inebriated man admired his shirt and poked at the various breweries he’d been to.

“I’ve been meaning to go there, but haven’t been there yet.”

Normally Marvin wouldn’t tolerate this kind of prodding, but he realized while wearing his amazing “Drink Local” Shirt that it was his responsibility, nay, his duty to give his fellow craft beer drinker a chance to show off their local brewery conquests.

“Wait, this shirt doesn’t have Summit on it.”

“Yes it does,” Marvin replied. “Right here,” he said pointing to the large letters. Not only did the shirt give him a chance to bond with other craft connoisseurs, it also gave him an idea of how many they’d had before talking to him, by their ability, or inability, to find their favorite brewery on the shirt.

“Well, nice to meet you,” said the admirer.

“You too,” replied Marvin, never even catching the man’s name, but enjoying the short connection they shared. All in a day’s work for an ambassador for Minnesota craft beer.

These Drink Local MN Shirt include all the members of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Association on a map of Minnesota. Shirts are 100% Ring-spun Cotton and softer than the foam on a nitro java porter.

Also available in Brown